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Meet Osmosis

Brand Management Software

Osmosis is Brand Management Software that allows brands to take control of their artwork resizing, editing and ordering. All branded material gets converted into easy-to-use templates, enabling stakeholders, who do not have design or development skills, to order advertising material themselves. The agency only needs to get involved in ideation and roll-out if they choose, thereafter Osmosis becomes the central storing, customising and ordering platform. A specialist is not required to adjust or order the artwork, anyone can do it. This approach saves clients substantial amounts of money on studio time and gives agencies the time to focus on the creative product rather than getting distracted by constant editing and resizing.

The brand’s CI guidelines are pre-loaded and Osmosis sets the desired limitations, stopping users from breaking any CI rules. The centralisation of the advertising material procurement further saves the client money as they can take advantage of bulk order discounts with printing vendors and publications. Osmosis also eases the process of agency hand-over and induction as the client owns their own searchable artwork repository.

The Benefits

How will Osmosis help your brand

Become more agile

Get customised artwork out in minutes

Spend your budget wisely

Reduce unnecessary professional fees

Centralize your spend

More control, bulk order benefits

Artwork Repository

All your artwork saved on one platform

Brand Consistency

Users cannot break Corporate ID rules

Analytics & Reporting

Get detailed reporting on all activity

The Process

How Osmosis works

1. Get the brief

a Regional sales manager needs a print advert for a local publication

2. Log in

The systems knows who they are, pre-populates assets accordingly

3. Select

They select the artwork they need from a searchable library of assets

4. Edit

Easily edit text, swap images and resize artwork for different publications

5. Consistency

The artwork comes with pre-set limitations to ensure brand consistency

6. Order

Orders are centrally controlled, enabling brands to centralise regional ad spend

7. Emails

A pre-selected brand guru gets notified and can preview the order for approval

8. Approval

Selected approvers can edit orders, if need be, or simply click to approve

9. Download

After final approval a high res, print-ready PDF-X file can be downloaded

10. Send

The artwork is then sent directly to the publication in the correct format

11. Reporting

Get access to detailed information about orders from all regions and branches

12. Centralise

Agencies create initial artwork, we create templates, store them in an indexed location

Volvo Cars SA have trusted us with their brand since 2010

A Bit of History

Why we built our brand management software

Established in 2007, Tree was founded by a group of agency folks. We saw the need for Brand Management Software and ended up building it to use for our own clients. We worked with many multi-branch companies and saw first-hand how brand consistency gets lost when branches control their own branding. Osmosis is brand management software that was built in collaboration with our clients as we strived for a win-win solution.

We offer local support by phone or email, we won’t leave our clients to deal with bots or call centres. Tree has been developing our brand management software, based on ongoing learnings, for more than 10 years. We would love to give you a demo.

For Brands:

Osmosis saves time and money while ensuring brand consistency & housing all assets in template form.

For Agencies:

Osmosis becomes a value-add to their clients, a time saver, an easy on-boarding tool and asset library.


Osmosis – brand management software